August 28, 2018 | I.C.E., FIFA, and Puerto Rico


  • More than 150 people were arrested by ICE in Texas for immigration violations. This is one of the largest single-day sweeps conducted at one site in the last decade.
  • A federal judge blocked the Trump administration from allowing the release of blueprints for 3D printed guns. However, one entrepreneur said that the ruling may prohibit him from distributing the blueprints but still allows him to sell guns he has printed. We’ll let you know what happens with this controversy.


  • Officials in Puerto Rico estimate that the death toll following Hurricane Maria is around 3,000. This raises questions of the United States’ response towards the disaster. Liberal media portrayed the Trump administration’s aid to be slow and insufficient.


  • Trump is taking credit for the decision to have the 2026 World Cup in America by tweeting “Add the 2026 World Cup to our long list of accomplishments!”
  • 3 players in the US Open had to end their rounds early due to extreme heat. The USTA does not have explicit rules around extreme heat.


  • Adam Sandler and Jennifer could be more than friends as photos surfaced of them holding hands while on the set of a new Netflix film.


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