Letter to Socks

Tommorow I will have more to say, but for today here is a short story – one I wrote for a college application. _______________________ It’s a big day. Well, of course it is because if it wasn’t, I wouldn’t need you.  7:35 am. You know I wake up later on these days, usually because I’ve […]

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Homeschooling, From Gaston

Yesterday I was at my home in Gaston where I lived for ages 3 to 13. While at the house, I was talking to my friend about being homeschooled. We started looking at a shelf of books from my homeschooled days, and we were looking at the work I had done in these years. Textbooks, […]

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Ritz & Poor

I am getting today’s essay off early because this evening I will be in Gaston, Oregon where I spent the early years of my life. Today’s essay is short but important. It’s a continuation of yesterday’s discussion of CardsCook.    If you live in Portland, you know about what has been dubbed “the homeless rocks.” […]

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Back, and a Story

Dear Readers, As you all know, I have taken a break from writing for Hey Hank News. My viewership has gone back to almost zero active viewers and my friends and family no longer talk about it. This makes me sad because writing for you all has been one of the most rewarding parts of […]

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