Op-Eds and Essays

These are essays from Hank. They contain his opinions, his creative writings, some interesting essays, and other works from him that he thinks his readers will enjoy.

In chronological order (latest at the top).


My School Year

Yanny vs. Laurel

Talk Heads’ Lead Singer and CardsCook

The Life You Can Save Debrief

Design Week Portland Speech

Essay on my Character

Next Year

Philosophy in the World


Intolerable Tolerance

Field Trips in Class I Teach


Knowing When Not to Fold

Stubborn Absence

On Gender

Entrepreneurship Class Projects

Two Types of People

Entrepreneurship: The Box

Entrepreneurship: Fools Gold

Oregon’s Bail System

Play, Part 2

Letter From Lipsi

Letters From Kos

3 Things to Note in Portland

Along the Streets: An Exclusive Look at Homelessness

Play, Part 1

Lincoln’s Superintendent Search


Short Story 3


Adrian vs. The Gifted

Week 11

Week 10

Week 9

Week 8

Week 7

Week 6

Week 5: Youth Casts a Vote

Week 4

Week 3

Week 2

Week 1