Two Types of People

Thank you to all the readers who have made September the most viewed month in HHN history. Glad to see I have a decent following in St. Louis. Every day I get a notification saying “stats are booming!” Let’s keep it up! Okay back to the essays. I have spent the last year and a […]

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Entrepreneurship: The box

It’s everything that the rest of the American education system isn’t. When I walked into the classroom the first day with an extensive syllabus that had quizzes and graded lecture notes and tests and presentations, it took me five minutes before I realized I was going to have to shred it and start from scratch. […]

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Entrepreneurship: Fools Gold

It has been four weeks since I started teaching a class on a subject that has never been taught before. The first day I walked into the classroom and looked over the faces of the six students who were enrolled in the class and I walked them through what it is we were going to […]

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In memory of Sam Blackman

Two years ago, I had the wonderful opportunity to interview Sam Blackman. Blackman – founder of a tech company called Elemental which sold to Amazon for a quarter billion dollars – spent 2 hours with me. Despite having an incredibly busy schedule, he took time out of his day to talk to a high school […]

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