Letter From Lipsi

Perched atop turquoise waters and white sand beaches is the Island of Lipsi, one of Greece’s 14 Islands – a member of the Dodecanese Chain (while dodecanese means 12, there are 14 in this cluster). An hour boat ride from the shores of Kos, Lipsi is a far less traveled destination. Few come this far […]

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Letters From Kos

T+1 days since the end of the world. Not really. Not even close in fact…just keep reading and it will all become clear. Yesterday at 1:31am was when the 6.7 magnitude earthquake hit the Grecian Island of Kos where my family is vacationing. This scab of rock 5 miles off the coast of Turkey is […]

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Interview with Michael Powell

What started as a quaint textbook retailer on the campus of the University of Chicago has been Portland’s leading bookstore for the past thirty years. Born and raised in Oregon, Michael Powell – founder and owner of Powell’s Books – developed a retail offering that bears the nickname “City of Books.” The book selling business […]

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3 Things to Note In Portland

Over the Last 24 Hours: July 4 DUII Benton County Sheriff’s Office participated in extra DUII saturation patrol to coincide with the Independence Day weekend, June 29 through July 5, 2017. During those dates, deputies working the extra patrol conducted 249 traffic stops for traffic violations, issuing 39 citations. Nine traffic citations were issued for […]

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