Epstein Conspiracy

What happened in the world today? First of all, Jeffery Epstein hung himself. Epstein was awaiting trial as an accused pedophile and sex trafficker. He reportedly hung himself, but people were quick to point out that it is hard to hang yourself in jail, making people question if wether someone powerful connected to him had […]

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Off Next few Days

Hi guys. I will be taking a break the next few days because I will be super busy at work and with friends, so here is an essay to keep you all interested. This was my common application for college. I read Hamlet while you were tying your shoes. I grew up on a 12-acre […]

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Appearance of Ease

I have met a lot of people at my time at Lincoln and Catlin. Some of them I have written about – personalities, experiences, etc. One comes back to me. Her name is Caitlyn, and yes, I did write about her in this essay. She was the example of the “hard worker.”   The other day, […]

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An Essay

I applied for a college scholarship and wrote this essay. The prompt was “For two dollars a day you can either buy a cup of coffee or help 100 people get clean water or aid in another humanitarian crisis. Is it morally acceptable to buy the coffee or not?” I didn’t get the award, but […]

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Inside flaws

Hey.   I am getting you this a little later than expected because I wasn’t in a super good mood today and didn’t feel like writing so now I am writing after work.    Tonight at work I cleaned for two hours outside on the streets and in the back of the store. During this […]

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