Interview with Kay Livingston

Kay Livingston came across Vine somewhat out of serendipity. When a friend of his showed him the social media platform where seven second videos repeat themselves over and over again in loops, Livingston decided to make an account and try his luck. A year and a half later, Livingston has 14 thousand followers and over […]

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Republish From Basic Rights

This essay has been published on the front page of Basic Rights Oregon By Hank Sanders In November, Lincoln High School became the first high school in the state and the fifth in the nation to set up multi-stall gender neutral bathrooms. Lincoln is a public school in Portland, situated on the edge […]

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Week 11

Every week on this site, I post either op-eds or interviews. One of my friends who frequently reads my articles told me that I should try posting some of my more creative writing. So, for the first time ever I will be posting a fictional essay. This story – titled “Letter to my friend” – […]

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Week 10

I have never enjoyed math, yet that class does have an undeniable beauty. There is one right answer that is clearly defined and infinite wrong answers. Math is largely self taught, with the student deciding whether or not to go online and learn math or whether to leave it to class. To me, this kind […]

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Week 9

Over the past several weeks, I have been in rehearsal for an improvisational theater troupe made up of High Schoolers from around Oregon. As a member of a network of young actors called Young Professionals, I have the opportunity to audition for and potentially be cast in several professional shows a year. This year, I […]

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