Week 5: Youth Casts a Vote

My hometown of Forest Grove recently became the center of a heated debate. When two kids hung a banner in the cafeteria of Forest Grove High School saying “Build That Wall,” the backlash was phenomenal. The story spread like wildfire throughout schools in neighboring cities, and a protest was formed outside of the school, demanding […]

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Week 4

Last night, I was watching the Cubs play the Dodgers in game five of the National League Finals. The game was exciting and fun to watch and I was glad to see the Cubs take a commanding 3-2 league, putting them one game away from a world series visit. During this game, I found one […]

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Week 3

Last week when I was watching the presidential debate, a member of the audience asked the nominees what they would look for in a Supreme Court Justice considering the next president may have the opportunity to pick two or three Justices. For the past three months, I have been studying the Supreme Court with the […]

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Week 2

This week I was stopped in the halls at school by our principal, Payton Chapman. She asked me how my year was going and about Hey Hank News and told me that she heard a clip of me on the radio. She then asked me why I as no longer on the staff of the […]

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Week 1

Last year, I covered Portland’s homeless epidemic extensively. In fact, I interviewed the leaders of many of the largest homeless care centers in the state. Because I don’t want to bore readers and want to discuss more then one thing, I will not be writing much about homeless this year. However, I did recently talk […]

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