Paul Davis

Clay Street table has had a long history of community activism. Last year when i interviewed Gary Davis of Operation Nightwatch, he mentioned Clay Street table having helped more homeless people than any other place in the city. At first, I didn’t know what to expect with Clay Street. I was unfamiliar with the program […]

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Lincoln’s Superintendent Search

Over the past year, Portland Public Schools have had a tumultuous history. When board members refused to hold a vote for a bond measure, students across PPS walked out in protest. To make matters worse, bad weather conditions caused school to be cancelled for 11 days, shortening and at times cancelling finals and forcing the […]

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Lincoln High School is nestled in the middle of downtown Portland – the “Ritziest” part of the State. Between the waterfront and the Pearl District, the demographic that attends the school come from affluent families. While waiting for the bus one afternoon, a homeless couple were mumbling with one another that they should ask the […]

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