Epstein Conspiracy

What happened in the world today?

  • First of all, Jeffery Epstein hung himself. Epstein was awaiting trial as an accused pedophile and sex trafficker. He reportedly hung himself, but people were quick to point out that it is hard to hang yourself in jail, making people question if wether someone powerful connected to him had their fingerprints on his death. He was supposed to release names of people who were close with and who knew about his “pedophile island.” The Clintons have been named in a popular conspiracy, and this conspiracy was re-tweeted by Trump.
  • People are also questioning why Epstein was off suicide watch after read marks were seen around his neck last month.
  • The jail where he was – called the MCC – is supposed to be one of the worst jails anywhere in the world, and is verified to be so by El Chapo himself.

Other news?

  • North Korea says Kim Jong Un supervised missile the recent missile launches

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