Paul Davis

Clay Street table has had a long history of community activism. Last year when i interviewed Gary Davis of Operation Nightwatch, he mentioned Clay Street table having helped more homeless people than any other place in the city. At first, I didn’t know what to expect with Clay Street. I was unfamiliar with the program and wasn’t aware of the impact that they had on the homeless community. Then I met Dr. Paul Davis.
Davis – a pastor by trade – is a man full of joy and bright ideas. In one meeting with him, what started as a simple plan turned into a plan to create a student led movement to end homelessness in Portland.
Cards Cook (see article from 3/4) is the only student led program of its kind in the state. In fact, the goal in the future is to integrate Cards Cook into schools all around PPS. Davis made it clear that in order to solve the Homeless epidemic, all demographics must be involved in an effort to help the underprivileged.
Below is the running press release from Clay Street and PPS


Lincoln’s “Cards Cook” club is planning to join our Table!
Members of “Cards Cookie, Lincoln HS Cardinals) service group will join us next Wednesday at The Underground dinner for our young friends living outside. In April, they’ll take responsibility for coordinating an entire meal! They’ll also start offering cooking demonstrations for our pantry shoppers to show us tasty ways to use fresh fruits & vegetables from Oregon Food Bank!
Thanks to Vice Presidents Ben and Hank (above, left and right of Faculty Advisor Henry) who met last Friday at Lincoln to make plans for joining us!


3 thoughts on “Paul Davis

  1. Just incredible and important work you’re doing and Pastor Cook is apparently an excellent role model as well. Such an interesting story.


  2. This is really amazing. Taking a small step will grow to a bigger one for many people. Thank you for your work. Many students don’t think big like you do! MUCH LOVE!


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