February 11, 2019 | Shutdown Averted, Anti-Semitism, and Katy Perry


  • Congressional lawmakers settle to keep the government open in exchange for 1.4 billion dollars for the border wall, significantly less than Trump initially wanted.
  • Ilhan Omar – a Muslim Democratic freshman congresswoman – is in hot water for what is being labeled as anti-semitic comments. She said that the United States’ support for Israel is “all about [money].” In a tweet, she stated this. She also said this.
  • California lost 18 million trees due to the mass fires last year.
  • The girl who texted her boyfriend to convince him to commit suicide


  • Read what the Chinese prison camps are like.


  • Browns pick up Kareem Hunt.


  • Katy Perry, this was very dumb.


Photo credits to New York Post


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