February 7, 2019 | Abortion, Khashoggi, and Extortion


  • The Supreme Court rules 5-4 to make it easier for women in Louisiana to get abortions.
  • U.S. authorities seize 3,800 pounds of meth that was intended to go to Australia.
  • Paul Manafort reportedly kept working in the Ukraine after being indicted by Mueller.
  • Manafort also supposedly told lies to improve his chances at a pardon.


  • U.S. intelligence says that a year before Jamal Khashoggi’s death, the Crown Prince mentioned to an aide that he would put a bullet in Khashoggi if he didn’t end his criticism of the Saudi government.
  • Here is a thorough video of what happened to Khashoggi.


  • The NBA All Star game is set.


  • Jeff Bezos wrote a tell-all op-ed where he disclosed Confidential emails suggesting that he was being blackmailed by the National Enquirer to discontinue his investigation into the paper’s connections with Trump and Saudi Arabia.


Photo credits to Tech Crunch


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