January 29, 2019 | Schultz, Global Waming, and Stone


  • Howard Schultz – former CEO of Starbucks – announced he was strongly considering running for President of the U.S. in 2020 as an Independent. Democrats are angry because they fear that this third party run would pull votes from Democratic candidates, boosting Trump’s chances to win. Trump tweeted some derogatory messages to Schultz and then a report came out saying that Trump tweeted those comments to try to get Schultz to want to run even more.
  • Trump also tweeted saying that the cold temperatures in the Midwest suggest no global warming. Scientists have been disproving this logical fallacy for years now and showing how global warming causes freezing temperatures in some places.
  • Every year, the Senate Intelligence Committee holds a meeting to talk about the ongoing threats that are facing the nation. The Intelligence chiefs gave a picture of the U.S. that contradicted everything Trump has been saying. Trump says ISIS has been defeated, Intel Chiefs say there are still thousands of members. Trump says N. Korea is not a nuclear threat, Intel disagreed. Intel also did not say that a border wall would improve the safety of the nation and added that Russia was so successful in meddling with the Presidential election in 2016 they are working hard to meddle more in 2020.


  • Too much domestic news for today.


  • Gronk is a big dancer.


  • Roger Stone says he looks good in stripes, but not the kind of stripes Mueller wants him in.


Photo credits to Politco (Howard Schultz)


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