November 29, 2018 | Soros, Musk, and Them Cowboys


  • Earlier on in the year, George Soros made headlines when he came out against Facebook at the impact they have on our democracy. Well, Facebook just admitted that after he made those comments Sheryl Sandberg ordered a secret investigation into Soros. They tried to figure out if he had any monetary gain from a potential dip in Facebook’s stock.
  • The Chair of the Democratic party in California is stepping down amid allegations of sexual misconduct. He was the first openly gay chair.
  • Regulators put an end to Elon Musk’s plan to make a tunnel to combat LA traffic.
  • NASA also said Musk will never smoke weed in public again because when he did it did not inspire confidence.
  • Micheal Cohen admitted that he lied to investigators about when Trump’s connections with Russia ended. He is now saying that he was talking to Russia about a real estate deal during the conventions in 2016.


  • World leaders meet Buenos Aires for G20 Summit.
  • An activist in India was arrested for exposing her thigh in a photo on social media.


  • Kevin Durant drops 51 in a loss to the Raptors.
  • Cowboys and Saints their second loss of the season.


  • Kris Kardashian is the secret Kardashian who got a cameo on Ariana Grande’s Thank U, Next track.


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Hank and his team read all the top stories so you don’t have to. They divide the stories into four categories and write headlines on what you need to know.

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