October 28, 2018 | Synagogue Shooting, Mexican Caravan, and the World Series


  • 11 are dead and many more are wounded after an anti-semitic man open fired at a synagogue in Pittsburgh. The suspect surrendered to the police after a firefight and is now in custody


  • Mexico is trying to get the group of migrants coming to the US to stay in Mexico. They recently tried to offer all the migrants part time jobs, education, and medical care.


  • Dodgers win game 3 in 18 inning game. This game lasted almost seven and a half hours. Here are some interesting facts about the game.
  • Red Sox score 5 in the ninth, take commanding 3-1 lead.


  • Tekashi 6ix9ine’s bodyguard was shot during a celebration Takeshi’s latest trial. He was put on probation and not sent to jail in a child sex crime.


What is Hey Hank Headlines?

Hank and his team read all the top stories so you don’t have to. They divide the stories into four categories and write headlines on what you need to know.


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