October 2, 2018 | Trump Mocks Victim, Indonesian Tsunami, and the Cubs Fall Short


  • Trump is catching heat after he mocked Kavanaugh’s accuser Christine Ford at a campaign rally.
  • This comes after Trump stated he would not support a nominee who was proven to have lied under oath.
  • The New York Times released one of their longest reports ever. In a special investigation, the Times poured over financial records of Trump and his family to show that his father avoided around half a billion in taxes and that Trump received far more money from his parents than he has stated. He supposedly was earning $200,000 dollars from his father by the time he was 3 years old and by the time he was 8, Donald Trump was a millionaire. Now, the New York state department is investigating claims made in the article.
  • Even though the FBI was given a week to investigate claims against Kavanaugh, they will most likely wrap up tonight or tomorrow. Ford’s lawyer says she has not yet been contacted by the FBI.
  • Amazon raises company minimum wage to $15 an hour.


  • The death toll for the Indonesian tsunami reaches 1,300.


  • Cub’s season collapses after they lose their wild-card game.


  • Louis C.K. got some mixed reviews after performing at the Comedy Cellar on Sunday. This is the second time he has performed since allegations of sexual assault came out against him around a year ago.


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