September 20, 2018 | Kavanaugh, Pitt, and Mayfield


  • Wow, folks. This Supreme Court nomination gets crazier by the day. Here’s the new info:
    • Back in 2011, there was a very popular book called The Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother. This book was written by a woman named Amy Chau. Chau has made headlines for her support of Brett Kavanaugh, someone she got to know at Yale. Well, someone has come forward saying that Chau instructed women interviewing for clerk positions for Kavanaugh to have a “certain look.” Sources say that potential clerks were told to “look like models” because of the preferences of Kavanaugh. This comes after sexual assault accusations against Kavanaugh have surfaced.
    • Kavanaugh’s Yale frat was notorious for raising the rooms of women and walking around campus with their bras and underwear.
    • The accuser WILL testify on Monday.
  • Michael Cohen has reportedly been interviewed by Robert Mueller’s team for hours on multiple occasions.



  • #1 draft pick Baker Mayfield took the field in the second quarter after the Browns’ starting QB came out with an injury. He gave the Browns their first win in 635 days, beating the Jets and the second pick in the draft.


  • Brad Pitt has a nonprofit that built houses after Hurricane Katrina. Now, the nonprofit is suing the architect of the homes over claims of mold.


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