August 21, 2018 | Trump’s bad day, Earthquakes, Injuries, and Ben Affleck


  • Trump’s personal lawyer and his campaign manager were both found guilty with several crimes within minutes of one another. Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to 8 counts of fraud and tax evasion. He also stated that the President not only knew about a hush payment but also ordered the payments. Trump’s campaign manager was also charged with 8 counts of fraud, but his trial did not involve the President directly. Still, both are large blows to the White House and the nation will await a response.
  • Trump’s twitter has been active, posting several things since the verdicts, leaving a huge elephant in the room.
  • In an ongoing search for a missing 24-year-old girl, Mollie Tibbet’s body was found and the abductor/killer is said to be an undocumented immigrant. The motive is still unclear.
  • A US senator who sat down with Brett Kavanaugh says the supreme court nominee sees Roe V. Wade as settled law. Roe was a case that allowed legal abortions and has been a hot topic with a potential new justice.


  • A 7.3 magnitude earthquake hit Venezuela today, but no deaths or major injuries have been reported thus far.
  • As part of an agreement between North and South Korea, families from both sides were able to meet for a few hours this week after being separated for many decades.


  • Yankees closer Aroldis Chapman left the game after 6 pitches with an injury. Chapman has one of the fastest pitches in the game.


  • Supposedly Ben Affleck is dating a Playboy model. 


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