Interview with Kay Livingston

Kay Livingston came across Vine somewhat out of serendipity. When a friend of his showed him the social media platform where seven second videos repeat themselves over and over again in loops, Livingston decided to make an account and try his luck. A year and a half later, Livingston has 14 thousand followers and over three of his videos have gone ‘viral’.

“A friend of mine showed me these videos and I thought oh that’s pretty cool. He told me I should make an account and I did and I started making videos. As time went on I added special effects,” Livingston tells us.

Even though hundreds of millions of people have vine accounts, there is one thing in particular that sets Livingston apart from the pack.

“I don’t use profanity in my vine. My family watches them, my sister watches them, people in my church watch them. I don’t want them to be [turned off by any of the content.] I like showing people that they can be funny without using profanity.”

Livingston enjoys vine for a very specific reason. Although he receives a hefty amount of attention and popularity with from his videos, at the end of the day he likes making people laugh.

“After making them, [I enjoy having] people watch them and their reaction. I like making people laugh. And it’s really cool to have people see your videos and make their day. “

The process of making a vine

Step One: I either see something popular at the time or I see an idea from someone else and think hey maybe I could turn that into something [different]. So I take it and figure out what way it would be best presented in.

Step Two: Then I figure out which way it would be best presented – special effects video, one on one video, a single video.
Step Three: [Then] I’ll figure out what I’m gonna say and if I have my sister I’ll have her film some of it and I’ll films some of it.

Step Four: Once I’ve done all that it’s off to social media.

However, it’s important to realize not every video makes the cut. In fact, on average only one out of five of Livingston’s videos get posted.

“I know I am my own biggest critic. Being my own biggest critic is what keeps me from posting every video I make.”

Livingston is 18 years old, born in Georgia and currently living in Houston with his parents and four younger sisters. His sister help him writing, shooting, and sometimes acting in his videos.

Livingston’s popularity has grown over the past several months with his recent and repeated shoutouts on DJ Khaled’s snapchat stories.


This essay has been republished from January 23 due to its popularity.

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