On a Time Capsule

The class of 2019 has the rare privilege of opening the time capsule. After the Class of ‘69 left behind antiques of their time in highschool, we at the cardinal times asked freshman what they would want to see in the time capsule to be opened by the class of 2069. From music technology, food and art, here are the top 5 things the Class of 2019 would want to see in the time capsule:
1. iPhone 6s

Clayton Allen gave a resounding response when we asked him the question. “It’s gotta be the iPhone. We spend so much time on it, it’s part of us.” Of all the people we interviewed, the iPhone was by far the most common response. Technology is a part of who who we and especially as high school students, we depend on our phones so often. From talking to friends, to contacting teachers our phones are an essential part of our lives. “It’s a large of our society.”

2. A burrito and an opened container of yogurt

Just like the saying you are what you eat, Kyle Gragnola and Ben Brandenburg would like to see what a Chipotle and a Yo-Play would be like in 50 years. Either completely disintegrated or still fresh from all the preservatives, this experiment would remind us of the food we ate 50 years ago. “I like burritos and I’m gonna want to eat one in 50 years.” As kids, food is incredibly important not just because we are growing but also because the food we eat as kids often sets out eating habits for much of our life. “I eat a lot, especially after wrestling season so seeing my yogurt will definitely mean a lot to me.” Who knows? In 50 years we may be eating the exact same things or they may be a mere look at the past
3. Instagram password

Five years ago phones were used purely as gaming devices and ways for your mom to contact you. But now, high schoolers spend around 9 hours a day on social media according to a CNN report. One of the most post popular forms of social media is Instagram. Sasha Brickowski would want to be able to log onto her Instagram (secret-instagram) account so she would be able “to see all the dumb [stuff] I’ve done.” In an age where social media maybe looked at by your college or next employer, it becomes increasingly difficult to tow the line of freedom of speech but also awareness of how public everything is. IVY league schools have been known to rescind scholarships to students after inflammatory posts and distasteful photos. These sort of actions make us question whether or not freedom of speech real or just a saying. Who knows what the social media will be in another 50 years? 
4. TV Shows

Along with social media, kids are known for their fixation of the television. From Grey’s Anatomy to Friends, television influences popular culture, comedy, and our lives. But one cartoon in particular stands out for Kaleb Monsarrat-Smith. “Ninja Turtles are always there for me. No matter what happens in life, I can always count on them.” Our heavily armed shelled friends that walk on their hind legs show us that anything is possible. If turtles can save the world from gangster chameleons and evil fish creatively named FishFace, then maybe we can be heroes as well “[In 50 years from now] people won’t remember them. I will.”
5. My mixtape

Music is like most art: it is completely arbitrary. What I enjoy listening you may find repulsive and vice verse. But more than any other demographic, teenagers so often fall prey to commercialism. If I hear a song that is ‘popular’ I am more inclined to enjoy it then if it was deemed ‘cheesy’ or cliche. This causes the music industry to be constantly changing at a very fast rate. Songs become old fast, and tunes come and go with every passing day. This is why Hazel Lucey wants to preserves her current playlist by locking her mixtape in the capsule. “In 50 years we can listen to [it] and be like ‘[those were] the good old days.” Some of her favorite artists include Kendrick Lamar, Drake and Rihanna. Hopefully Hazel’s mixtape doesn’t cause any fires.
Throughout high school, there are certain parts of our life that stay with us for the rest of our lives. These memories are ones that we wish we could preserve for the rest of our time on earth. Throughout my interviews with classmates about what they want to preserve, we can see what is important to kids these days. One of the biggest questions we can ask ourselves is ‘where we are going to be in 50 years?’ This time is capsule a part of our class to save and look back on the next 50 years.

2 thoughts on “On a Time Capsule

  1. This is is very interesting. I don’t have an iphone and had to ask your mom what instagram was.
    I’d skip the food. But music, ah, Music…..the international language we all love.
    Woody Allen made a movie called “Sleepers” where he was frozen for 200 years. He was a health food store owner and 200 years early they had discovered junk food was what would cure you of all your health issues. Thanks Hank, i enjoyed this a lot.


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